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We know our team .Our Prideland team are passionate about Africa and we believe in excellent service. Planning your adventure is part of the fun and we aim to make it exciting and enjoyable. The best way to do this is to have knowledgeable team on hand. If you need advice – chat with our consultants at our office centered in Arusha Tanzania. It is now or never, the safaris are the best memories one can have in his lifetime collection of travel.
Karibu sana.

At the start of each day your guide will discuss the itinerary of activities according to your booking. Based on the weather and general logistics of each day, different activities will be available, but your guide will always be there to guide you at all times of your activities. Your guide will be available from before dawn, throughout the day, and into the evening to allow you to fit in all of the activities you hope to, whether it be game drive, Biking, Village walk, Canoeing, Game Drive, or to observe nocturnal activity.

Aaron Motika