After  breakfast, we will head out for a full day game drive in Serengeti National Park. Don’t forget, you can always consult with the  safari guide about  the day’s agenda. Feel free to bring a packed lunch if you think you might get hungry or we can grab a hot meal at the hotel. We are flexible and will work with you!

Serengeti National Park is  undoubtedly the most famous wildlife sanctuary in the world!  It has  some seriously stunning natural beauty and is super important in the scientific arena.In addition to that,it has one of  the biggest concentrations of plains and plains of game in the entire  continentThe Serengeti ecosystem is one of the oldest on the planet. In fact,the climate, vegetation, and animals have barely changed in a million years. For example, the way creatures live, die, adapt, and migrate has  been going on foreverLastly, we will eat and end the day at Kuria Hills Lodge.