We hope that at this point, you are enjoying life as you should and creating these important moments. This day will be a very special day as you will be visiting a very diverse place.  You will have your breakfast at your preferred time and then we will begin our journey..

Mto Wa Mbu directly translates to ‘River of Mosquitoes’. It is a region that is named after the presence of stagnant water, but fortunately,  you will not find a lot of mosquitoes as you would presume. On this day, you will embark on a walk in the famous village. People often assume that Mto Wa Mbu is a place where you will most likely find at least one person from Tanzania’s 112 tribes.  You will then take a walk, interact with the villagers, learn about their ways of life and different projects etc.

After this busy day, you will head over to the Luxury Ngorongoro Farm House, where you will have a hot lunch and spend the evening. You will enjoy this authentic accommodation that has both a touch of elegance and warmth as you await your next adventure.