To minimize driving time, it is advisable for you to take a flight from Zanzibar to Northern Serengeti. Why Northern Serengeti? After the heavy rains in April and May, the ground begins to dry again in July. Therefore, there is less green grass and water which causes large herds of wildebeests accompanied by zebras to begin searching for more water and green grass. At this time of the year, most of these animals will be found in the Grumenti and Mara river areas. Traveling between mid-July to the  end of October/early November will give you a chance to witness the river crossing. Imagine seeing thousands of wildebeests singing a song of solidarity while crossing the river.

You will arrive in the Serengeti at 11:00am. In Serengeti, your guide will be eagerly waiting to show you the beauty of Tanzania. Your guide will welcome you and and you will continue with the game drive towards the hotel for lunch. After lunch and a little rest, you will proceed with the game drive in the afternoon. You will then return for dinner and your overnight stay at Mara under the canvas