By this time, we hope that you are enjoying and basking in these adventurous moments.On this day, you will have breakfast around 0800 hrs and then head to Lake Eyasi for a game drive and cultural tour. Your driver will make sure you have lunchboxes for the picnic lunch that you will have by the lake later on that day.

Lake Eyasi is known for having hundreds of bird species including pelicans and flamingos.  It is a bird watcher’s paradise on a cool day  as you can see different birds by the shore. However, there is not a lot of game compared to other  different regions in the Northern circuit. Hence, you might not see the Big Five animals here. On your first stop, you will be visiting the Hadzabe tribe or the Hadza of Tanzania. This is one of the last indigenous tribes of Tanzania and they are unique because they live like their ancestors who hunted and gathered food. They are nomads, meaning that they migrate and move around throughout different seasons of the year. This experience will help you to understand what their typical life looks like.

You will then have a picnic lunch and head towards Ngorongoro Crater where you will be spending the night at Lion’s paw, an accommodation that will blow your mind!It allows the delicate existence of wildlife and humans. You will end the evening by recharging and refreshing and reflecting on what you have seen throughout the day!