You will be  awakened by the smell of the ocean and a terrific view. Zanzibar is renowned for its therapeutic qualities, making it an exceptional destination to visit. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to explore Stone Town, a location steeped in significant historical events, including colonialism and the slave trade. There are numerous activities to engage in while in Stone Town, such as:

i) A visit to the Old Sultan’s Palace.

Zanzibar has a rich Arab history, with the Arabs settling in the area and bringing with them various export materials. As a result, they constructed a palace for their Sultan, who resided there with his family. Explore Sultan Sayed’s palace and marvel at the exquisite designs of the past.

ii) A Spice Tour.

Participate in a local class that educates you on the cultivation and production of various spices. The tour concludes with the guides creating charming souvenirs for you.

iii) The Slave Market.

You may also choose to visit the slave market, which provides insight into the history of the slave trade. The site offers a detailed account of the events that occurred, making it a fascinating place to visit.

iv) A stroll around the Old Fort.

Take a leisurely walk around the bustling Old Fort, where the locals sell and create art using henna. You can enjoy the sights and leave with a tangible memory of your visit.

After a busy day, you will return to your accommodation for dinner and an overnight stay, preparing for a new adventure in a different part of Zanzibar the following day.