The term “Serengeti” may be familiar to you as a region in Tanzania, and today you will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. The word “Serengeti” originates from the Maasai language and translates to “Endless Plain,” aptly describing the vast expanse of land that stretches towards the horizon. Covering an area of approximately 14,763 square kilometers, the Serengeti is divided into three distinct regions: the Northern, Southern, and Central (Seronera).

The Serengeti is renowned for its depiction of the Circle of Life, which is exemplified through the Great Migration. By visiting the central part of the Serengeti, you will have the opportunity to witness this phenomenon at its heart. The Great Migration is an annual event where wildebeest move from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya to the Serengeti, crossing the Mara River between September and January or early February.

If you are interested in observing big cats, the Central Serengeti is the ideal location. The area is characterized by rocky surfaces and kopjes, which provide a resting place for predators. Additionally, the Seronera is an excellent location for a Hot Air Balloon ride, offering a breathtaking view of the African sunrise as the animals coexist in the horizon. You can experience a “Lion King” moment and cherish this unforgettable view. During your two-day stay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a full-day game drive in the Central Serengeti and spend two nights at the Kubukubu Lodge. We trust that you have had an exceptional time in Tanzania and created cherished memories, both individually and collectively.