This will most likely be a pole pole day. A slow day. Due to the jetlag, we want you to have enough time to sleep and have breakfast. You will leave around 1000hrs and head to Lake Eyasi. Lake Eyasi is a rift valley lake which is known for having hippos who like to cool off during the hot seasonal periods. Your driver will then pick you up from your accommodation and you will begin your safari.

Along the way, you will get to see a beautiful landscape and vegetative covers. Tanzania is a beautiful country to drive in, mostly because with every turn, you will see breathtaking landscapes and views. The drive to your destination takes about 2 hours and your first stop will be Kisima Ngenda. Kisima Ngenda, one of the Entara Lodges, overlooks the beautiful lake Eyasi and has an amazing sunset. You will check in and have a hot lunch that will consist of a variety of cuisines rooted inTanzanian culture. Afterwards, you will interact with the Dagota tribe, the Dagota are from a long ancestral line of blacksmiths. It will be another surreal experience as you will learn about how these communities can exist without a worry in the world; inspite, of all the technological changes taking place. You will then head back towards your accommodation for dinner and overnight stay. You will then enjoy the evening as you prepare for the following day’s activities.