After breakfast, the car will be ready for you to head to Arusha airport for a flight to Northern Serengeti at 9am. Why should you go north? After heavy rains in April and May, the ground starts to dry up in July. This leads to a scarcity of  green grass and water Hence, the wildebeests and zebras start looking for new spots to graze and drink.

Most of them  will be hanging out around the Grumenti and Mara river areas. If you’re there between mid-July and early November, you might even get to see them crossing the river! Picture thousands of wildebeests singing their hearts out while  making their way across the river. You will make it to Serengeti around 11am and your guide will be waiting to show you around Tanzania. After a game drive,  you will stop for lunch and a little break before heading out again in the afternoon. Then you will head back to Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge for dinner and a good night’s sleep.