You will have this morning to yourself as you will wake up to the sound of chirping birds and fresh coffee brewed for you. This will be a pole pole (slow) day and you will have a late breakfast. On this day; you will have two options. You could either use this day as a resting day and sun bask beside the pool or explore the busy city of Arusha. It is up to you! You can optpt to get a tuk-tuk for a more local experience or visit town with your guide while learning about daily life in the city  You will experience what it is like to live in Arusha, visit different places, and historical sites while learning more about the city. Below are some of the most popular attractions:

i) Cultural Heritage

Visit one of the largest cultural museums in Africa and  explore the different historical aspects of  Africa

ii) The Snake Park

Visit the snake park and learn about the different reptiles and the Maasai culture in general. You can get a camel ride at the end of the tour.

iii) The Maasai Market

Visit the Maasai market and get delicately designed ornaments handmade by the Maasai people as a souvenir for you and your loved ones.

iv) The local Grocery Market

You will have the opportunity to shop the Tanzanian way. You will get to see how the local market looks with the help of a guide who will show you how to choose the best and freshest produce!

 You will enjoy a local lunch and dive into Tanzanian cuisine while taking in all the differences and similarities. Afterwards,  you will head back to Haradali Home for dinner and an overnight stay. You will then  share your day’s experience and prepare yourself for th next day of your Tanzanian honeymoon safari.