Coastal Circuit - Tanzania

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Age and distance separate Zanzibar’s main islands, Unguja and Pemba. Despite its small size and obscure location, Zanzibar holds an almost legendary status among travelers as an exotic island paradise blessed with palm fringed shores, timeless fishing villages and lush spice plantations.

Situated in the Indian ocean , about 60km off the mainland Tanzania coastline.

Stone town tour, dolphin tour, spice tour, diving tour, prison island tour, blues safari, dhow cruising, whale watching and canoeing. In

Best time to visit
Throughout the year but expect to encounter rain drops during the months of April ,May and June. Very few rain drops during November and December.

Mafia Island

Mafia Island lying only 160 km south of Dar Es salaam , the name Mafia delieves from the Ma-Afir, a tribe from ancient Yemen who dominated the coast around 1000BCE. Mafia Island is the largest of an island archipelago. The Island is surrounded by a barrier reef so rich in marine life it has been designated a marine park by the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Mafia Island lying only 160 km south of Dar Es salaam

World class Diving, snorkeling , whale shark viewing, sailing and fishing, tours

Best time to visit
All the year round

mafia 2

Bagamoyo is a centre for dhow sailboat building on Tanzanian coast. A quiet place with a few German colonial buildings still standing. During most of history, Bagamoyo has been far important than Dar, But in the last century it has become a set of decaying ruins. The town was originally the mainland terminus for the slave trade routes. In Swahili language, , Bagamoyo means ‘lay down your heart’ it was here that those slaves who survived the three to six months walk from the interior , usually carrying ivory , eventually gave up all hope of freedom and returning to their people.

City tours , Kaole ruins and tombs , Old German forties, the Anglican church.

Located at north eastern part from the city of Dar Es salaam , about 30km away.

Best time to visit
Throughout the year

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