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The combination of adventure and romance is a perfect match. Planning a honeymoon can be a challenging task, as everyone wants to have an amazing experience! The ultimate goal is to have a perfect getaway, filled with wonderful romantic moments. Love is a great feeling, and having a partner to share it with is a wonderful blessing.

We are pleased to offer a Luxury Safari and Zanzibar Honeymoon package that spans 14 days, taking you through Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Zanzibar. This itinerary will be an exciting and memorable experience!

We appreciate your decision to choose us for the best and most unforgettable safari experience. Our aim is to provide you with the best connection to nature and wildlife, leaving you with a sense of oneness with yourself and a newfound appreciation for Tanzania. This itinerary has been thoughtfully crafted to create a beautiful safari experience for honeymooners.

14 Days/13 Night

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Welcome to Tanzania! Prideland Safaris extends a warm welcome to you in the beautiful land of Kilimanjaro. Upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, please proceed to the Immigration desk for VISA Stamps. Our representative will be waiting for you at the Arrival zone with a banner bearing your names. Once all formalities are completed, we will begin your Honeymoon Safari journey to Kahawa House.

Kahawa House is an idyllic starting point for your safari adventure. Located in Arusha, the starting point of safaris, it is a hidden oasis that exudes style and elegance. The lodge is the perfect place for you to refresh and relax after your long journey and overcome any jet lag.  You can spend your day exploring the different parts of the lodge, take a dip in the pool, or indulge in a massage to rejuvenate your senses. You will  then have dinner and retire for the night.

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This is a time for you to explore and enjoy different parts of the country together, at your own pace, and to truly live in the moment. Today marks the first day of your safari adventure. If you are an elephant enthusiast, then Tarangire is the perfect place for you. Known as the ‘home of elephants’, Tarangire is renowned for its large elephant herds. The park is named after the Tarangire River, which flows through it. Tarangire is a vast park that is home to almost all of the big five, except the Rhino. It is rich in vegetation and wildlife.

Your driver will be waiting for you at 09:00 hrs in the morning. We intend to spend this day relaxing. Your accommodation for the day will be located close to the park, offering a stunning view of the surroundings. You will arrive at Maramboi in time for a hot lunch and spend the rest of the day exploring the location. In the evening, you will enjoy dinner under a beautiful canvas of an outstretched sky with stars as you await the following day’s adventures.

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The second day of your Luxury Safari and Zanzibar Honeymoon will begin early as you head out for your full day game drive. You will leave with a packed lunch for your safari. Tarangire is a very underrated park, and as you explore it, you will understand why. With a little luck, you will be able to find groups and clusters of different primates. Tarangire is home to a plethora of wildlife and is considered to be a sanctuary for different animals. Having a whole day gives you ample time to spot animals without rushing, providing you with the best experience. You will have a picnic lunch as you enjoy the park stretching over the horizon.

After a busy day,we will drive back to your place of accommodation and reminisce about your day.

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We hope that at this point, you are enjoying life as you should and creating these important moments. This day will be a very special day as you will be visiting a very diverse place.  You will have your breakfast at your preferred time and then we will begin our journey..

Mto Wa Mbu directly translates to ‘River of Mosquitoes’. It is a region that is named after the presence of stagnant water, but fortunately,  you will not find a lot of mosquitoes as you would presume. On this day, you will embark on a walk in the famous village. People often assume that Mto Wa Mbu is a place where you will most likely find at least one person from Tanzania’s 112 tribes.  You will then take a walk, interact with the villagers, learn about their ways of life and different projects etc.

After this busy day, you will head over to the Luxury Ngorongoro Farm House, where you will have a hot lunch and spend the evening. You will enjoy this authentic accommodation that has both a touch of elegance and warmth as you await your next adventure.

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On this day, you will be heading to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Scientists argue and claim this to be the 8th wonder of the world; however,  this has not yet been fully established. We will let you be the judges! . On this day, you will leave with a packed lunch and have your breakfast  around 08:00hrs.

Ngorongoro is a Maasai word that means ‘Black Hole,’ which symbolizes the crater formation that looks like a hole when viewed from above. Ngorongoro Conservation Area covers an area of about 260 square kilometers. Get to explore Africa’s ‘Garden of Eden’ in the comfort of your safari vehicle and spot the Big Five – The Elephant, The Buffalo, The Leopard, The Black Mane Lion, and The rare Black Rhino. Additionally,  you  will have the  opportunity to see hyenas, jackals, flamingos, and hippos in their natural habitat. The descent into the crater, which is replete with vegetation, forestry, and animals, is a result of volcanic activities that created a caldera. The caldera has a depth of approximately 610 meters and has grown deeper and larger over time. 

After the game drive,  you will enjoy a delightful picnic lunch in the heart of the ancient volcanic crater near the hippo pool before heading to the great Serengeti for your accomodations . Although the day may be tiring, it will be worth it. In the afternoon,  you will drive into the Serengeti and stay at the Kubukubu Lodge, which offers a nostalgic atmosphere and a homey touch while providing wildlife sightings. Dinner and an overnight stay will be provided, and you can prepare for an amazing time when the sun rises.

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The term “Serengeti” may be familiar to you as a region in Tanzania, and today you will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. The word “Serengeti” originates from the Maasai language and translates to “Endless Plain,” aptly describing the vast expanse of land that stretches towards the horizon. Covering an area of approximately 14,763 square kilometers, the Serengeti is divided into three distinct regions: the Northern, Southern, and Central (Seronera).

The Serengeti is renowned for its depiction of the Circle of Life, which is exemplified through the Great Migration. By visiting the central part of the Serengeti, you will have the opportunity to witness this phenomenon at its heart. The Great Migration is an annual event where wildebeest move from the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya to the Serengeti, crossing the Mara River between September and January or early February.

If you are interested in observing big cats, the Central Serengeti is the ideal location. The area is characterized by rocky surfaces and kopjes, which provide a resting place for predators. Additionally, the Seronera is an excellent location for a Hot Air Balloon ride, offering a breathtaking view of the African sunrise as the animals coexist in the horizon. You can experience a “Lion King” moment and cherish this unforgettable view. During your two-day stay, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a full-day game drive in the Central Serengeti and spend two nights at the Kubukubu Lodge. We trust that you have had an exceptional time in Tanzania and created cherished memories, both individually and collectively.

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It is finally time to go to Zanzibar beach after a fantastic stay in the Northern circuit. On this day, you will enjoy breakfast at your leisure before returning to Arusha and transferring to the airport for your journey to Zanzibar. Thank you for include us in your fantastic safari adventure in Tanzania. Mizingani seafront hotel accommodation.

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You will be  awakened by the smell of the ocean and a terrific view. Zanzibar is renowned for its therapeutic qualities, making it an exceptional destination to visit. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to explore Stone Town, a location steeped in significant historical events, including colonialism and the slave trade. There are numerous activities to engage in while in Stone Town, such as:

i) A visit to the Old Sultan’s Palace.

Zanzibar has a rich Arab history, with the Arabs settling in the area and bringing with them various export materials. As a result, they constructed a palace for their Sultan, who resided there with his family. Explore Sultan Sayed’s palace and marvel at the exquisite designs of the past.

ii) A Spice Tour.

Participate in a local class that educates you on the cultivation and production of various spices. The tour concludes with the guides creating charming souvenirs for you.

iii) The Slave Market.

You may also choose to visit the slave market, which provides insight into the history of the slave trade. The site offers a detailed account of the events that occurred, making it a fascinating place to visit.

iv) A stroll around the Old Fort.

Take a leisurely walk around the bustling Old Fort, where the locals sell and create art using henna. You can enjoy the sights and leave with a tangible memory of your visit.

After a busy day, you will return to your accommodation for dinner and an overnight stay, preparing for a new adventure in a different part of Zanzibar the following day.

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Zanzibar is a serene and picturesque destination, where the concept of time and schedule is of little concern. Nevertheless, on the upcoming day, you will be relocating to a different region of Zanzibar, where you will be in close proximity to the pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Your accommodation for this period will be at the opulent Melia Zanzibar, a luxurious establishment that offers unparalleled privacy and access to unspoiled beaches. You may choose to spend your days in this vicinity, or venture out to explore the surrounding areas at your leisure.

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Regrettably, the expedition has reached its conclusion. We trust that throughout your vacation, we have been exceptional hosts and have significantly enhanced your vacation, here. This morning marks your final day in Zanzibar, and you will be departing for your homeland. We hope that you  will have many splendid recollections to cherish as you head home.

  • Specialized Safari guide
  • Private transport
  • Entrance Park Fees
  • All meals and accommodation throughout the safari
  • All airport transfers
  • Coffee and tea in the car
  • Mto wa Mbu cultural tour
  • Stone and spice tour
  • Flight from Serengeti to Zanzibar
  • Drinks are included at Maramboi, Kubukubu and Zanzibar Melia
  • International and domestic flights
  • Any item for personal use such as telephone bills
  • Tips for safari guides and porters
  • Health / travel insurance
  • Masai boma visit and Olduvai visit

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