Focus, Explore Africa with Us

Focus, Explore Africa with Us

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Thank you so much for organizing an unforgettable Safari! Our Guide James was amazing. He has a great knowledge of the flora and fauna in the parks and lots of experience and stories to tell. Food was delicious and our Camp in the Serengeti National Park was so close to the wild that we could hear the lions and hyenas in the night.

Prideland Safaris

The most beautiful places in Africa, united in one country.
We help you to organize your unforgettable Tanzania Journey!

Why book with us?

Team Tanzania

Our whole german-tanzanian team is on the ground in Arusha to provide the best possible care and travel organization for you. We are also available via Email and Skype at any time.

Fair & Affordable

We offer you a great value for money while ensuring to provide fair salaries and working conditions for our employees and the maximum of safety and comfort for you!

Unique & Safe

Tanzania is not only one of the most beautiful countries in Africa with its breathtaking nature and landscapes but is also considered as one of the safest countries on the continent for international travelers.

Top Tours and Safaris

We will work out the best option that fits your budget

5 Days on Safari

“Asili” is the Swahili word for “nature” and that’s what this classical Safari Route is all about.

3 Days on Safari

One of our most popular Routes! Tarangiren NP | Lake Manyara NP | Ngorongoro Crater

7 Days on Safari

Lobo is the name of the far less visited northern area of the Serengeti that is part of this stunning route...

6 Days on Safari

This Tour is perfect for all those who want to combine a wildlife Safari with a close experience..

8 Days on Safari

Just sitting in a Safari Jeep and being driven around is not yours? Then our active Safari might be exactly what you are looking for! Combine hiking, cycling and walking activities...

2 Days on Safari

This Safari offers some of the most stunning Parks in the shortest possible time! Tarangire National Park – Ngorongoro Crater

Tailor-Make Your Safari

Let us customize your perfect dream Safari Holiday. Give us your requirements and we will do the rest.


Featured Tours

Remarkable feeling for those who Experience it

Mount Trekking

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s and Africa’s highest mountain. This magic mountain should be climbed by everyone at least once in their lifetime. 

Once you’ve reached the peak at 6,000 m altitude you can celebrate and enjoy the wonderful view. Luckily the trip down is much easier than up! From the African savannah Mount Kilimanjaro is a majestic and impressive mountain itself. 

There are plenty of ways to get to the top. But be prepared because the tour to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is tough and demanding. In return you’ll be rewarded by spectacular views and the satisfaction of having reached the top.

Beach Holiday

Zanzibar Islands

Zanzibar, the perfect place for your tropical island beach getaway in Tanzania. Whilst its picture postcard beaches are the prime attraction, there’s much more to this island than might first meet the eye.

Zanzibar evokes images of sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise waters – the perfect island paradise. It can be all that and more. Zanzibar’s beaches are perfect for a lazy beach holiday when all you want to do is relax and recharge your batteries, but it’s also has easily accessible outlying islands, home to some world class dive sites. 


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If we save our wild places,we will ultimately save ourselves. ...

Current situation at Tarangire National park,one thing animals like impala do have is discipline especially when traveling for water or grass,they are very organized following their ways while moving in lines#. ...

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